Next Tuesday (30/04) at the jazz club – Jason Rosenblatt in a 2-part performance! ✨

Jason Rosenblatt is an harmonica player, composer, and pianist, playing Jewish Eastern European music since 2002.

First part: “Who Knows?” – a collection of original pieces blending elements of Ashkenazi, Eastern, and jazz music – influences absorbed during his travels across the country, gathered in his writing into one organic creation. Jason is influenced by the singing heard in synagogues on Fridays, tunes in the market, and nostalgic music on GImeel radio on Friday afternoons.

Accompanied by the best jazz and Jewish music musicians in the country, Jason’s musical project depicts and presents Israel to listeners through the eyes and ears of new immigrants.

Jason Rosenblatt – harmonica, piano, vocals

Ilya Siltsou – guitar

Second part: Jason provides an interesting perspective on blues, roots, and early jazz. With sounds from Mississippi and New Orleans for inspiration, Rosenblatt’s original repertoire is performed with good humor. The composer, producer, pianist, and harmonica player, Jason Rosenblatt, is one of the leading innovators in the world of diatonic harmonica technique. His performance on the modest instrument helps to open up new musical ground for instruments associated with blues, to various art forms such as jazz, bluegrass, klezmer, and Turkish. Rosenblatt, known primarily for his work with Straymeln in Montreal, sheds the Eastern European influences of the group and instead turns to the magnificent sounds of Mississippi for inspiration. With shades of Dr. John, Professor Longhair, and Jelly Roll Morton, Rosenblatt provides a unique perspective on American blues, roots, and gospel.

Jason Rosenblatt – piano, vocals, harmonica

Ilya Siltsou – bass

Daniel Reitzin – drums

Special guest! Daniel Schwartzwald – piano

Tuesday, April 30th | Doors open at 8:30 PM | Show starts at 9:00 PM |

Free entrance !