What is Internal Compass Music?


Alongside endless innovation and creativity, the 21st century faces us with many challenges, on a global level – polarization, inequality, violence and intolerance.

How can we, as musicians with a social role, deal with these issues?

Internal Compass Music is fundamentally founded on the belief that with the right tools and the appropriate training, musicians can be the basis for building a community that will be required to meet these challenges. We believe that these communities, as well as the sensitivity and creativity that drive their existence, are in themselves an essential part of solving the issues at hand that divide us.


The Internal Compass Institute, in Mitzpe Ramon was established in 2016 by Israeli bassist, Ehud Ettun. In the pilot year, fifteen local musicians studied at the school, becoming the first graduating class in 2018.


Since then, the school has been operating on a three-year cycle in Mitzpe Ramon. Over 200 students have passed through its doors as of 2023. The curriculum includes studies in music theory, harmony, and ear training with a classical orientation, as well as improvisation, composition, and performance around the jazz genre. The school operates in collaboration with the Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club, allowing students to experience live performances on stage throughout their studies and the opportunity to collaborate with world renowned musicians.


In 2022, the school was recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports. The school operates both with a local-community orientation and an international orientation.


Mitzpe Ramon Municipality
Mitzpe Ramon Cultural Center (Matnas)
Matanel Foundation
Israeli Ministry of Culture
Mifal Hapais
Braginsky Foundation
Berklee Global Jazz Institute
Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance
Levinsky College 
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Chojazz, Poland
Professor Tomasz Zagórski Bel Canto association
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